Good Governance - helping you to get it right

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Thursday, October 17, 2019 - 2:00pm to 4:00pm
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61 Duncairn Gardens Belfast
Belfast BT15 2GB
The Developing Governance Group has been working on revising the Code of Good Governance to make it easier for trustees to use. The revised Code is now ready for consultation with the sector and will be presented to hear your views. Good governance is essential for the success of any organisation and is now more important than ever, especially in today’s world of increased regulation and media scrutiny.   There is a higher expectation on organisations to have good governance, not just from the regulators but also funders, and the wider public. 
Recent media reports on the governance of several organisations, charities and non-charitable institutions, has shown how quick the public can be to judge a charity and it can result in harming an organisation’s reputation. Working to ensure good governance can be an effective way of enhancing and protecting your charity’s reputation.  

Help to improve your governance

Find out how you can use the Code of Good Governance and its resources to help you improve/maintain good governance in your organisation as well as having your say in shaping the content of the revised Principles in the Code. 

Charity Regulator’s perspective

Safeguarding is one key aspect of a charity’s governance which has received a considerable amount of coverage of late.   Frances McCandless, Chief Executive, Charity Commission for Northern Ireland will focus on lessons to be learned from some recent case studies which the Commission has been engaged with.

The funder’s perspective

Brenda McMullan, Executive Director, Halifax Foundation for Northern Ireland will highlight the key aspects of governance which she as a funder would expect to see in an organisation and some not so good practices that her team has come across. 


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