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Tuesday, December 12, 2023 - 9:45am
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With an estimated 43.3 million children forcibly displaced (UNICEF, 2023), there is an urgent need to prioritize and invest in quality, holistic, and gender-transformative early childhood systems and support for children and caregivers in crises. Youngest children (ages 0-8) bear the greatest burden of poverty, disease, disability, war, social marginalization, and limited health, nutrition, and education services and are particularly vulnerable to the impacts of crisis and conflict. Early Childhood Development services in humanitarian and fragile settings provide lifesaving and life-sustaining support for children and their families. 
The panel, composed of various stakeholders will use a play-based approach to raise awareness about the significance of quality, holistic early childhood interventions in humanitarian/ refugee settings as a priority for humanitarian partners and stakeholders, building on the ECD multi-stakeholder pledge that has been developed by the Education Alliance ECD Task Team. It will emphasize partnerships and collaborations amongst various stakeholders and examples of successful and evidence-based support for refugee children that are aligned with the Nurturing Care Framework.
It will draw on a range of different perspectives and experiences (INGO, local organization, host countries, donor, refugee lived experience) that highlights contributions towards the objectives of the Global Compact for Refugees: Enhance refugee self-reliance and ease the pressure on hosts countries. The panel will encourage actionable advocacy to integrate early childhood interventions into humanitarian policies and support calls for increased investment in early childhood interventions. There’s no need to pre-register. 


Mr. Jan Christensen I Moderator, Facilitation Specialist - Lego Foundation
Ms. Sedra Al Shamaly I Young refugee advocate & speaker, Co-Founder of Elegant Art
Mr. Pascal Zigashane I Chairperson - Action Pour le Progrès
Dr. Cleophas Mugenyi I Commissioner, Basic Education Department - Ministry of Education & Sports ( Uganda)
Ms. Rafiath Rashid Mithila I Head of ECD - BRAC International 
Ms. Rushda Majeed I Chief Programme Officer - Van Leer Foundation 
Ms. Nour Jarrouj I Senior Manager, Engagement (Advocacy) - Moving Minds Alliance

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