CsocD59 Side-event | Can a “mouse” transform the lives of the youngest, uprooted children?

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Wednesday, February 17, 2021 - 1:15pm to 2:30pm
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Commission for Social Development 2021 (CsocD59)

The priority theme of the 59th Session promoted by the Department of Economic and Social Affairs is “Socially just transition towards sustainable development: the role of digital technologies on social development and well-being of all.” Learn more.

Side-event | Concept

Forced migration is an increasing global challenge. Many of the uprooted children are very young. Scientific evidence highlights the importance of early intervention because the developmental and psychological consequences of forced displacement can be devastating.

Children are remarkably resilient and, with an appropriate support during early childhood, they can navigate difficult situations. The exposure to instability and stress challenges parents’ ability to provide for their children in emergency settings. Information Communication Technologies (ICT) can provide invaluable support, and play an important role in solving problems in humanitarian crises. However, multiple questions remain unanswered about how to use ITC in ways that are ethical and equitable, while balancing effectiveness, efficiency, security, and privacy considerations. It is time to answer these questions, and support uprooted children hopefully also thanks to a “mouse”.

Side-event | About

During this event we intend to convey to Member States, UN agencies, and Civil Society about the urgent need, especially during  and after the pandemic, to invest in the youngest refugee and migrant children and their families with effective Early Childhood Development programs - in order to strengthen communities and break the cycles of economic and education poverty.
Additionally, we hope to raise awareness of the importance of developing tools  and use of new technology to gather qualitative and disaggregated data about access to and outcome of digital programs on migrant and refugee children’s well-being, as well as to disseminate information about the life-long benefits of ECD to children. Scaling the best programs would contribute to achievement of the SDGs and implementation of the Global Goals.


  • Danielle De La Fuente—Founder and Executive Director of Amal Alliance
    • “Education disrupted: Reimagining learning during the pandemic”

  • Niels Peter Rygaard—Co-founder and CEO Fairstart Foundation and APA 2020 Award for Internatinal Humanitarian Work
    • “How can governments and NGOs cooperate to improve the mental health and education of abandoned children?”

  • Isabel Cristina Granada Garces—Senior Sector Specialist, Migration Initiative, Inter-American Development Bank
    • “Piloting digital solutions for migrant children in Colombia, Peru and Brazil”

  • Aaron Meyerson—Deputy Chief Technology Officer for Broadband, New York City Mayor’s Office of the Chief Technology Officer
    • “The NYC Internet Master Plan and bridging the digital divide”

  • Charlotte Jenner—UNHCR Communications and Reporting Officer


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