2019 International dialogue on migration: Youth and migration, engaging youth as key partners in migration governance

Date & Time: 
Thursday, February 28, 2019 - 10:00am to 6:00pm
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United Nations Headquarters See map
405 East 42nd Street
New York City, New York 10017
United States


There are currently more young people in the world than ever, 1.8 billion, the largest generation in history. Of the 258 million international migrants, around 11 percent of them were below 24 years old in 2017. Young people have a key role in policy discussions, rising up worldwide for their rights and better opportunities and demanding a seat at the table in decision-making processes.

Against this background, the International Dialogue for Migration 2019 will be dedicated to discussing how to engage youth as a key partner in global processes on migration. The 2019 IDM responds to the calls for greater engagement with youth made by participants at IDM and it is aligned with the United Nations Youth Strategy which recognizes the potential of the youth to advance progress in many policy areas, considering young people’s first-hand experience.


The first of two IDM sessions planned in 2019 will discuss global strategies and partnerships in the area of youth mobility as well as best practices for youth engagement in policy and decision-making processes. Adaptation, integration, and empowerment of young migrants will be explored through an exchange of good practices, lessons learned and recommendations with representatives from all relevant sectors, including young migrants themselves.

Read the Concept Note.

Read the Provisional Agenda.

To register for this session please contact idmworkshop@iom.int until 18:00 CET on 22 February 2019.


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