Is early childhood relevant to peacebuilding?

TitleIs early childhood relevant to peacebuilding?
Publication TypeJournal Article
AuthorsSunar, D., Ç. Kâğıtçıbaşı, J. F. Leckman, P. Britto, C. Panter-Brick, K. Pruett, M. Reyes, W. Hodges, A. Zonderman, Y. Yazgan, A. Göksel, and Y. Sirali
The general themes of early childhood and peacebuilding barely intersect, whether in scientific research, policy or practice. Yet recent studies emerging from different disciplines such as neurobiology, developmental psychology, family studies, intercultural contact and conflict resolution are beginning to point to the potential value of multifaceted approaches that can draw connections between early childhood and peace at various levels, such as family, community, or beyond, whether defined negatively as ‘absence of violence’ or positively as ‘a condition of security, justice and dignity within and between groups’. Such a comprehensive perspective is promising, in terms both of developing a better understanding of the myriad factors involved and of achieving impactful interventions.

This briefing describes very briefly some of the background supporting the connection between early childhood and peace, and then presents the results of a poll of experts regarding various aspects of the relationship. It concludes by suggesting that future studies will profit by considering early childhood development (ECD) and peacebuilding together rather than separately.
Title Is early childhood relevant to peacebuilding?
Publication Title J Peacebuilding Develop
Publication Type Journal Article
Published Year 2013
Authors D. Sunar; Ç. Kâğıtçıbaşı; J.F. Leckman; P. Britto; C. Panter-Brick; K. Pruett; M. Reyes; W. Hodges; A. Zonderman; Y. Yazgan; A. Göksel; Y. Sirali
Number 3
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