The Culture of Peace

TitleThe Culture of Peace
Publication TypeBook Chapter
AuthorsChowdhury, A. K.
EditorLeckman, J. F., C. Panter-Brick, and R. Salah
Here, I wish to put forth a different perspective: The task of uniting the strengths and capabilities of billions of individuals, so as to ensure long-term peace and security in our world, is very much underway. Focusing on that which binds us together as human beings, a culture—a set of values, attitudes, traditions and modes of behavior and ways of life—is being created to support the eventual realization of these goals. For this to be successful, however, each individual must be empowered to act according to fundamental principles. These principles must be evident in our actions (both individual and societal), and they must form the very basis upon which policies are formulated at local, regional, national, and international levels. By immersing ourselves in a culture that supports and promotes peace, individual efforts will, over time, unite to enable sustainable peace and security to emerge.
Title The Culture of Peace
Publication Title Pathways to peace: The transformative power of children and families
Publication Type Book Chapter
Published Year 2014
Publisher MIT Press
Authors A.K. Chowdhury
Editors J.F. Leckman; C. Panter-Brick; R. Salah
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