2012 | Inception of the ECPC

2012 | Inception of the ECPC

ECPC Planning Meeting, Marrakesh 2013 Introduction

The inception of the ECPC in 2012 emerged from an effort involving four agencies: UNICEF (representing United Nations), Yale (representing academia and research), the Mother Child Education Foundation (AÇEV, representing NGOs) and the John E. Fetzer Institute, Inc. (representing private and philanthropic organizations). These agencies, individually engaged in improving peace outcomes for families and communities, realized the potential of joining forces to create a much larger impact on the world community.

Photo ECPC Planning Meeting, Marrakesh, Morocco (2013) : Top row, L-R: Kyle D. Pruett (Yale), Prof. Ernesto Caffo (Fondazione Child), Siobhan Fitzpatrick (Early Years), Brenda Haiplik (UNICEF); Center row, L-R: James F. Leckman (Yale), Pia Rebello Britto (UNICEF, Yale), Simon Xavier Guerrand-Hermès (GHFP), Ayla Göksel (AÇEV); Bottom row, L-R: Rima Salah (UN, Yale), Sue Carter (Univ. N. Carolina). (Photo: GHFP)


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