Teaching Peace Initiative

Yale student members of the Teaching Peace Initiative
L-R: Curriculum Associate Shannon Phuah, Peace Coach Zander de Jesus, Director of Campus Partnerships Samuel Grob, Finance Associate Alexandra Lanier, Head Peace Coach/Social Chair Nia Jones, and Executive Director Sheila Qasemi. © Courtesy Carina Gormley


The Teaching Peace Initiative (TPI) provides guidance and resources for students to kick-start conversations about understanding and advocating for peaceful behavior in their school communities and beyond. Our coaches partner with groups of inspiring students in 10 high schools across the country— those students go on to coordinate and teach a 4-part program to students in the elementary and middle schools of their districts. Maximum impact is important to TPI— therefore, the team works closely with every high school group so that all activities cater to what matters most to communities on the ground, and reflect real-world research. Our curriculum team constantly updates its lessons to better cater to the needs of high school students and their communities. Reflecting on results from our initial programming, we’ve learned that peace education empowers high school students to utilize their voices and create change in their communities. Through discussions on conflict-resolution, the many definitions of peace, the impact of cultural backgrounds on perspectives and self-reflection, we work with communities to cultivate school communities that are warmer, richer places for learning and social-emotional wellbeing.


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