ONLINE COURSE►”The Best Start in Life: ECD for Sustainable Development” (Trailer)

March 24, 2020

To learn more, watch the online course trailer, narrated by Shakira (Colombian singer-songwriter, dancer, record producer, and actress; founder of charity, Barefoot Foundation), who gives an urgent address to the United Nations on behalf of the world’s children. (3:02, ENG)

The Best Start in Life: Early Childhood Development for Sustainable Development is the SDG Academy’s interdisciplinary course on early child development. It draws on cutting-edge developments in neuroscience, psychology, economics, anthropology and program implementation and evaluation to help students understand how child development is at the center of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). The course is co-hosted by NYU’s Global TIES for Children Center, Harvard Center on the Developing Child, and UNICEF and is taught by: 

  • Professor Hirokazu Yoshikawa (New York University, Global TIES for Children); ECPC Expert Consultant
  • Professor Jack Shonkoff  (Harvard Center on the Developing Child) 
  • Professor Catherine Tamis-LeMonda (New York University) 
  • Professor Aisha Yousafzai (Harvard Chan School of Public Health)
  • Including participation of Pia Rebello Britto (UNICEF Senior Advisor and Chief of Early Childhood Development); ECPC Vice-Chair

The course is now self-paced and open for enrollment for a year, from March 11th 2020 to March 3rd 2021. 

This year we are pleased to include Arabic to the list of translations available for all course video lectures, in addition to Spanish, Portuguese, and Hindi.

Course enrollment page►

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