AÇEVs National Campaign “Fatherhood in Turkey” (ECPC associate)

AÇEVs National Campaign "Fatherhood in Turkey"
July 26, 2017

The Mother Child Education Foundation’s (AÇEV) national Fatherhood Campaign “Fatherhood Comes First” promotes the message that fathers matter deeply to child development, drawing on evidence from more than 3,000 fathers.

See also:

  1. Report: Involved Fatherhood and Its Determinants in Turkey

  2. Short film (Turkish): When A Father Is Involved, The Child Learns

The Mother Child Education Foundation (AÇEV) aims to support children in these most formative years to give them a right start to life. Since its inception in 1993, the fundamental goal of AÇEVs education programs have been support disadvantaged children and their families, strengthening the “early childhood” period to build a more advanced society and create equal opportunities in education. (See https://en.acev.org/)

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